If you’re reading this with a lens between you and the screen, you’re a member of a group you never knew about. I’ll call us “glassers,” a term for anyone who uses glasses or lenses to interact with the world. We have enough groups to belong to, enough listservs, tweeters, and friends to follow. Yet here is a place to bring together all of us who view the world through corrective lenses, to share our experience.

On this site, everyone who carries around a lens can learn more about the community of glasses-wearers. This site is dedicated to everyone who has loved, hated, rejoiced in and regretted their glasses. Many of us! We are a group, a tribe, a collectivity who share the experience of wearing glasses and lenses. What do we have in common? You tell us.

Here you can learn more about glasses and their history; read the stories and confessions of people who have lived behind glass, in their own words. Meet others like you who wonder about how their lives have been shaped by glasses.


The Author: David King Dunaway

I was born in the center of the largest city in the world, in a village called Greenwich on Manhattan Island. The City was dimmed by incinerator ash, dust from construction and trucks—and then from my own genetic stock. Both parents were myopes; both sent most of the time reading.

When I had my first pair of glasses at four, I had adventures with them. I resisted, hid from, abused my glasses as a child, till I understood their worth. I was that little kid with goggles, chasing pigeons in a blue sailor’s suit.

Today, after years of reading under the covers and in corners, of writing and editing books and piles of articles and scripts, I regret straining my eyes with those glasses; I wonder what good could come out of sharing our experience. Perhaps you have an idea.