Give Glasses a Chance

When I was in seventh grade we had some Swimming trainig in School. One time a classmate watched me squinting at the timetable and she said
to me without her glasses she can not read the table as well.
On our way home she advised me to have an eye-exam because she was pretty sure that I`m nearsighted and it would be great if I would join the glasses-club. She was happy to have glasses and wore hers full-time and there was no reason to worry about wearing glasses.
My ma wasn`t really surprised when I told her that I probably Need glasses. She already had the same idea. A few day later I had an eye-exam and was prisribed glasses . I was courios how it would go on and how I could see and how I Wood look with the glasses. It took some time to choose a Frame and I counted the day until my glasses were ready.
I still remember the moment, when the optican had put the glasses on my nose. It was great to have a proper vision now and the new look was uncommon but not bad. He advised me to wear my glasses full-time for the first weeks and he was sure I that I would stay a full-time glasses wearer.
The first day in glasses was the longest day, because everyone asked for my glasses but when this was finished I was happy to be a glasseswearer now.
After a few days I could wear my glasses easily for the whole day and two fine red points on my nose began to show and I was squinting much more when the glasses were off. I thought I was a real glasseswearer now, but they told me that the job is only finished, when I don`t realise the glasses anymore. That Moment came about six weeks after I had got glasses and I felt now uncommon and naked in the face without them. Since that time I hae not spent a single day without glasses.

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